No more turning patients prone or lateral to perform ultrasound guided sciatic nerve blocks at the popliteal fossa.  No more stacking blankets or pillows just to achieve suboptimal, unstable and uncomfortable leg elevation and positioning.


The Tereboot is a portable and adjustable lower extremity positioning device that you place directly onto your patient's bed for supine positioned ultrasound guided popliteal fossa blocks.


The Tereboot is also ideal for access and positioning for adductor canal blocks, saphenous nerve blocks, primary ankle blocks and nerve stimuation technique popliteal fossa blocks.


The disposable sleeves are an efficient and cost effective way to turnover the device between patients.  The sleeves conveniently fit in a block cart making them immediately accessible.  The impermeable sleeves completely surround and protect the padding without changing its shape or compromising block field integrity.  A package of sleeves (100) comes with your initial order and additional sleeves are a much more economical and efficient option than most any laudered or disposable alternative.